Introducing "Alpha Unicorn Nectar" - the revolutionary THC-infused beverage additive and topical. Crafted to deliver an exhilarating experience, Alpha Unicorn Nectar contain a potent 1,000 mg of THC to each 30 ml bottle, making it the perfect choice for cannabis enthusiasts in New York State. This innovative product harnesses nano-emulsification technology for enhanced water solubility, ensuring rapid onset of action. With its versatile formulation, Alpha Unicorn Nectar can be seamlessly added to any beverage, providing a refreshing twist to your favorite drinks. Additionally, it can be applied topically for localized relief and relaxation. Packaged in a convenient and easily dispensable liquid form, this fluid masterpiece is designed with a child-resistant safety cap, ensuring peace of mind for users. Embrace the enchantment of Alpha Unicorn Nectar and elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.